#sustainablefashion pt.2

09.02.22 | 5.30 pm

Reshaping fashion industry with digital tools and a repair mindset?

Oh yeah! It’s time for disruption and the 3 next meetups will focus on the digital transformation in the apparel industry and see what can be done to reduce the environmental impact of the 2nd largest polluter in the world and make it more sustainable. Fashion is always a reflection of our time, maintaining the passion for it is important – but we need to raise more awareness for social rights and the environmental damage that goes with it.

We talk about why repairing our clothes is much more than a handy skill and how 3D fashion design can break traditional structures.

1.Talk: Juliane Ziegler | Global Standard


#sustainablefashion pt.1

Thomas Hill Monika Hauck

Sustainability  |   code   |   design


How can we use the web to create a sustainable foundation for society, environment & economy?

2019 was marked by climate protests, the discourse on greener actions, the demand for more transparency from industry and politics. The climate debate moved to a prominent place with many question marks.

At the Sustainable Offsite Meetup, we want to take a closer look at our hunger for resources, which demands a new value orientation on many (digital) levels.

Let’s stop the “take-make-waste” mindset and dive into the world of circular thinking, acting and managing.

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What we are interested in

sustainable Webdesign | KI | AR & VR | Nature | Konsum | Supply chains | construction

Recycling & Upcycling | Mobility | urban Structures| renewable energies | local projects

Food | sustainable tourism | Fair Fashion | Agriculture 4.0 | New Work |

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