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Curious about Sustainable business models and forms of leadership that can drive positive change in society? There are many great approaches, and we can’t wait to explore this topic at the SOS Meetup.

We want to talk about frameworks that can be applied in business, in the economy, and anywhere innovation is on the agenda to bring social aspects into focus.

This goes hand in hand with team and management changes – but how do you prepare together, how do you get everyone on board for the long term?

Our speakers are Vanessa Giersberg and Charlotte Seiler from Getting There Consulting – they enable teams and leaders to integrate Human Rights in the innovation process.

We will discuss how this works, what their motivation is, and what changes we can all initiate.

Zoomlink 04.04.22 | 5.30 pm

Website: https://www.gettingthere-consulting.com/

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code and creative minds workshop

Digital technologies are shaping our present and future, and we and the planet are in the middle of it. This relationship between man, technology and nature must change. We want to bundle our know-how, values and experience to formulate standards, a compass, that make it easier for society and companies to be more sustainable.
!!!Let’s get together in a relaxed atmosphere, let’s have fun and network!!!

We want a versatile team that has the desire to deal with sustainable and ethical values for a digital society. You have an affinity for tech, design, product, marketing and you are ready to think outside of the box?

Sustainability  |   code   |   design


How can we use the web to create a sustainable foundation for society, environment & economy?

2019 was marked by climate protests, the discourse on greener actions, the demand for more transparency from industry and politics. The climate debate moved to a prominent place with many question marks.

At the Sustainable Offsite Meetup, we want to take a closer look at our hunger for resources, which demands a new value orientation on many (digital) levels.

Let’s stop the “take-make-waste” mindset and dive into the world of circular thinking, acting and managing.

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What we are interested in

sustainable Webdesign | KI | AR & VR | Nature | Konsum | Supply chains | construction

Recycling & Upcycling | Mobility | urban Structures| renewable energies | local projects

Food | sustainable tourism | Fair Fashion | Agriculture 4.0 | New Work |

be curious

You know interesting projects, companies or are an expert in a field? Get involved!

The SOS Meetup should also act as a think tank, let’s talk about developments and design possibilities.

We are curious!

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SOS-Team: Railslovers Martha, Tatjana, Tim, Max und Sabine Büttner | feel free to join